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Thank you for visiting the North Alabama Chapter of ASIS International. Founded in 1958, ASIS International is the renowned organization for security professionals. 

The ASIS International North Alabama Chapter, #018 is comprised of over 125 local security and law enforcement professionals serving in leadership and management positions within their respective organizations

A Word from the Chapter Chair

I am honored to be the Chapter Chair for North Alabama and look forward to an exciting year. I hope to bring a fresh perspective to our strategy this year, and ensure each of our members gets maximum benefits from their membership. Our primary goal this year is to deliver value to our members by lining up a variety of speakers who are experts in their field, and providing networking opportunities and security education. But if we are not hitting the mark, we need to hear from you.

                If you have not noticed yet, one of the biggest changes so far is the Chapter website. Besides a complete overhaul, you will see sponsors on the front page of our website, and these sponsors have paid $300. These vendors have conducted multiple jobs for me with excellent results. The only way a vendor will be able to get on the front of our website is they have to be recommended by an ASIS member who can validate their work ethics and job performance. Once the sponsor has been validated and they pay $300 they will be able to put an advertisement on the front page. I want this to be a good resource for our members because I know how hard it is to find good contractors. With that said, if any of you know any reputable vendors and want to recommend them, please contact me. There are also other choices for vendors to advertise with us. For $200, they can have a space in our sponsor section of our website, and for $100 they get in the quarterly newsletter.  The funds raised by the sponsors will be reinvested into our Chapter.

                One of the benefits of being an ASIS member is having an extensive network of Security Professionals at your fingertips. I want the North Alabama members to have access to other members contact information, and the reason being is if one of our members needs assistance with a problem, they can call their Chapter partners to help them resolve the issue. If you do not want your email displayed, contact me and I will remove it.

                 Also this year, our members will be able to attend the Chapter monthly meetings via webinar for $10 per meeting.  Most security professional’s schedules are jammed packed, and this will enable our members who cannot physically attend to still participate. This will come in handy for your credits that will go towards your certifications.

                Additionally, a LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter account will be established to get information to our members in a timely manner. For example, if the Dynetics guards catch someone taking pictures of their facility, I will be able to send a BOLO out to our members. Another example, is if there is a security incident taking place around another one of our member’s facility, they will be able to inform other security professionals who can in return tell their employees so they can avoid the area where the security incident is taking place. 

                Again, I am honored to be in this position and look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.  We are hitting the ground running, and we have a lot to do. If anyone would like to assist with moving this chapter forward and wants to volunteer for one of the committees, please let me know.

James Clyburn, CPP, PSP

Chapter Chair

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