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James C. Lynch Scholarship

Each year our Chapter awards scholarships to local students of merit who show an interest in the security profession. The scholarships are awarded annually to the two best applications submitted to the chapter. The recipient will receive up to $1,500 in scholarship funds.


  • An applicant does not have to be a member of ASIS to apply for the scholarship. However, if selected for the scholarship, the applicant must become a student member of the ASIS International North Alabama Chapter by the award date. The cost to become a student member is $20.00.

  • Candidates must be current undergraduate majors in a security related field of study, taking a minimum of six (6) credits of instruction of higher learning.

  • Student member candidates must hold a current GPA of 3.0/4.0 or the equivalent.

  • All applicants must attach a copy of the official transcript* or letter of enrollment from their college or university


  • All Applicants must submit an essay

  • The 2018 Scholarship Application must be submitted by April 13th for the upcoming Fall Semester, and October 19th for the following Spring Semester.

If selected, the ASIS North Alabama Chapter Scholarship Funds will be applied to books or tuition. 

(Note:  Funds for tuition will be submitted directly to the institution, so provide correct mailing address above.  Funds for books will be paid to the award winner upon submission of original receipts.)

Use the link below to download the application. Upload the application along with transcript and resume. 

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