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Additional Positions


Chapter Chairperson: Jay McNeill: Jay.McNeill@dynetics.com  


◾Vice Chairman: Tony Kather:  akather@redfcu.org


◾Secretary: Rachel McClure: Rachel.McClure@dynetics.com


◾Treasurer: Michelle Mollett: Michelle.Mollett@ivxp.indorama.net



◾Membership Chairperson: Jay McNeill

◾Program Chairperson: Sandy Byland

◾Certification Chairperson: Open

◾Newsletter Editor: Susie Vaughn/ Jay McNeil

◾Law Enforcement Liaison: Christopher Black


◾Women In Security Liaison: Rachel McClure

◾Young Professionals Liaison: Open

◾Houses of Worship Liaison: Donald Hawkins

◾Scholarship Committee Liaison: Gayle Maner

◾Golf Tournament Chairpersons: Amanda Robison

◾Webmaster: Michelle Mollett/ James Clyburn